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College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center no later than the end of their junior year to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework. To achieve eligibility, student-athletes must plan early, earn the best grades possible, and enroll in college prep classes that meet NCAA requirements. After graduation, make sure to request and send your final official transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center with proof of graduation. Questions about registering? Visit the Counseling Office to meet with your counselor.


Juniors Must:
  1. At the beginning of your junior year, log on to the Eligibility Center Website at www.eligibilitycenter.org and register.  There is a $90 application fee. High-school counselors may waive the Clearinghouse (NCAA Eligibility Center) fee if you have previously qualified for and received a waiver of the ACT or SAT fee.
  2. Double check to make sure that you are taking courses that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses.  This list can be accessed electronically at www.eligibilitycenter.org.
  3. Register to take the ACT, SAT or both, using Eligibility Center code, “9999” as a score recipient.  (SAT/ACT exams should be taken in spring of your junior year, i.e., March, May)
  4. Contact Sean Ford prior to the end of your junior year to sign a transcript release form.  Once the transcript release form is signed by parent or guardian an official transcript will be sent to the Eligibility Center after completing your junior year. Transcript Release forms can be found on the Counseling Center website. (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcripts.) Contact Ms. Kelsey Smith @ 559-327-5068, or [email protected] for instructions about the transcript release form.
  5. Prior to or during the February/March registration process for your senior year, check with your guidance counselor and the Eligibility Center to determine the number of core courses that need to completed your senior year.  (Make an appointment with your counselor to verify core courses for eligibility.)  Contact the Counseling Center at 327-5056.
  6. Transcripts for incoming Senior athletes are submitted to the NCAA Eligibility Center in the Fall, and final Transcripts are sent in June after completion of all High School courses.

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