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Special Education

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Clovis Unified Special Education

The Clovis Unified School District provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of differently-abled students eligible for Special Education services. Most of these services can be provided for qualified students at local schools in collaboration with general education programs. However, some services and programs are only available at specified schools throughout the District and may require enrollment at a designated site.

Parents who suspect that their child may be differently-abled or in need of additional services should confer with their child's teacher regarding their concerns and request a referral to the student Study Team. If the child continues to exhibit difficulties after exhausting services and modifications in the regular education program, parents may request an assessment to determine eligibility for special education services.

Qualified staff will conduct an assessment. An Individualized Educational Planning team- including the parents- will meet to review the assessment information, determine eligibility, the services that are needed, and develop appropriate educational goals and objectives. The Individualized Educational Plan is reviewed at least annually.
If you need to get in touch with our Special Education program, please contact
Theresa Pafford
Administrator, SELPA and Psychological Services
559-327-9400  fax 559-327-9746 

504/SST/IEP Information


Clovis North Educational Center




Special Education Department 





Yvette Adams Learning Director327-5205         yvetteadams@cusd.com  
Mistie BurrowSilverado Cluster Office Admin Asst. 327-5205           mistieburrow@cusd.com
Mario Estrada - NunesCN Vocational Education130 marioestradanunes@cusd.com
Alikzandria PilavianCN RSP273  alikzandriapilavian@cusd.com
Brad Van BebberCNEC RSP295       bradvanbebber@cusd.com
Breeanne VasquezCN Autism 195   breeannevasquez@cusd.com
Cynde Walton GR Autism101           cyndewalton@cusd.com
Eric HansenGR Vocational Education & RSP212              erichansen@cusd.com
Trish AndertonGR Vocational Education  & RSP200          trishanderton@cusd.com
Jayson BrinkleyAdolescent Intervention Program (AIP)296         jaysonbrinkley@cusd.com
Jed NoonkesterSeverly Disabled (SD)196,197         jednoonkester@cusd.com
Jordan EversonCN RSP 287         jordaneverson@cusd.com
Leslie IskenderianServely Disabled (SD)173     leslieiskenderian@cusd.com
Lucas LundyGR Vocational Education & RSP201              lucaslundy@cusd.com
Maggie ResendesCN RSP290     maggieresendes@cusd.com
Morgan SwainCN RSP274         morgainswain@cusd.com
Rachael DelgadilloCN RSP230    rachaeldelgadillo@cusd.com
Roman GonzalezCN Functional Life Skills (FLS)191      romangonzalez@cusd.com
Russell WeaverCN Functional Life Skills (FLS)192         russellweaver@cusd.com
Vianey AriasGR Functional Life Skills (FLS)100             vianeyarias@cusd.com
School Psychologist   
Cy HiyaneGranite Ridge
Graves' Office
Denise SegalCN RSP &  AIP
Bowns' Office
Holly EnsignCN RSP, CN FLS, CN & GR Autism
Bowns' Office
Rebecca LongGR FLS            rebeccalong@cusd.com
Paneet BathSD              paneetbath@cusd.com
Speech Therapist   
Kayley BraucherCN Autism & CN FLS & CN RSP185       kayleybraucher@cusd.com
Jena FieldsGR Autism 185                jenafields@cusd.com
Jessica VanNessGR FLS & SD185       jessicavanness@cusd.com
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