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What is IDAC?
Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) draws members from parents to represent our school at district level climate assessment/problem-solving meetings. The primary purpose of the Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC), originally formed in 1988 as the Intercultural Advisory Council, is to assist in the formation and review of policies that assure non-discriminatory practices in all operational areas of the Clovis Unified School District. Its further mission is to assist in improving the cultural environment of the District.  Mr. Anthony Follis, Learning Director, oversees IDAC.

CN Area Parent IDAC Meetings – 11/4/19

CNEC Parent IDAC Meetings –  4/20/20

Clovis North Educational Center would like to invite you to the Clovis North Area Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council or (IDAC) meeting on Monday, November 4th from 6:00-8:00pm in the Clovis North Lecture Hall. IDAC draws members from parents to represent our school at district level climate assessment/problem-solving meetings. It's further mission is to assist in improving the cultural environment of the Clovis North Area and the district.


The topics covered will be:


•       Vaping and Opioids presented by LD Tom Wright

•       Multi-Cultural Curriculum in our Schools presented by Sharon Uyeno  

IDAC Focus Areas




2019-20 School Site Council and ELAC

 Meeting Dates










First Quarter Meeting/Orientation

October 9, 2019


Room 245

Second Quarter Meeting

December 4, 2019


Room 245

Third Quarter Meeting

March 11, 2020


Room 245

Fourth Quarter Meeting

May 13, 2020


Room 245




                  October 9, 2019



1.     Call to Order and Welcome

=       Call to order, Welcome and sign-in

=       Introduce New and Returning Members

=       Establish a Quorum if one is not established review CUSD Quorum Protocol, in the SSC/ELAC Training Guide

=       Approval of Agenda

=       Public Comments and Unfinished Business


2.       Election of Parents to the ELAC and DELAC Representative

=       Explain and Discuss Procedures for Electing Parent Members and Students

=       Election of Parents and Election of Officers, Chairperson, and Vice Chairperson

=       Elect DELAC Representative (Parent of EL Student)



3.       Discuss and Approval of Minutes from 2019 Quarter IV ELAC Meeting

=       Discuss How the Minutes for Each Meeting Will Be Taken and Approval Process

=       Review, Discuss and Approve Quarter IV Minutes



4.      ELAC Training

=       Review and explain the Purpose of Forming an ELAC at the School Site

=       English Learner Advisory Committee Information

=       Explain the Responsibilities of Being an ELAC Member & DELAC Representative

=       Title III English Learner Funds (EL and Immigrant)

=       Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

=       Distribute and discuss SSC and ELAC Training Guide, Board Policy # 7503

=       Review Board Policies Relating to Categorical Programs #3504

=       Review Board Policies Relating to the Local Educational Agency Plan (LEAP) #7502

=       Review Board Policy CUSD Uniform Complaint #9208 and Williams Act #9211

=       Review CUSD Board Policy 9209 (for Non-Title I Schools)

=       Robert’s Rules of Order (Handouts)

5.     Future ELAC Meetings

=       Dates established for future ELAC Meeting Date:

                              2nd Quarter Meeting December 4, 2019

                              3rd Quarter Meeting March 11, 2020

                              4th Quarter Meeting May 13, 2020

6.        Report by DELAC Representative of Final District Meeting



7.       Public Input


8.       Adjournment


Second Quarter ELAC Meeting Date and Time:



December 4, 2019 – 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.



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