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Service Leadership

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Service Leadership 2023/24


About Service Leadership

Service Leadership is a way to include and bond everyone at Clovis North no matter our differences.
"Service leadership is making new friends and meeting new people. it is also about being nice to others and learning how to have respect for others." Payton Bell 
If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
"A fun, inclusive class where you can meet new friends and learn skills that will last a lifetime!" Nicole Fernandez
"Service leadership is an amazing class that focuses on inclusivity and strives to connect students who might not always have the chance to be around one another." Sydney Haubursin
Service leadership class is a very entertaining, inclusive class where kids can come in and have a good time getting to know every student  In the class, we learn new things about each other  every week. 
Service Leadership is a place where you can be yourself worry free. It is a safe place to have fun and explore new things. Also, in this class, I have personally gained so many friendships that will last a lifetime.
"Service Leadership is a great way to interact with your peers and create new friendships!"  Reagan Martin 
"Service leadership is all about inclusion and always keeping an open mind. The class is a very accepting community built around lending a hand to one another, and it is always a fun class to look forward to at the end of each day." Mia Mirelez
Service leadership is very inclusive and I have so much fun working with all the amazing kids in the class.
A positive atmosphere filled with fun and collaboration for all!
"Service Leadership is a class of inclusion but also genuineness. The happiness it brings to the students as well as one's self is more than anyone could ask for." Paige Smith 
"Service leadership is a very fun class where you can make so many unbreakable bonds and relationships with all of our peers."  Alyssa Wheeler 

In Service Leadership you make connections like no other, you make friendships that will last a lifetime and it is so rewarding to see our kids achieve success.

Service Leadership has been one of the best experiences of my life. The friendships and lessons I have learned, will always stay close to my heart.
Service leadership isn't just a fun class it gives us the opportunity to build relationships with our peers especially through this difficult time.
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