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About AP

AP classes offer a challenging and stimulating educational experience for college bound students. When compared to other high school courses, AP classes often take more time, require more work, and give greater opportunity for individual growth and accomplishment. In May, AP exams are taken and scored on a 5 point scale. Most major colleges and universities recognize scores of 3, 4, or 5 for college credit. The amount of credit varies by institution. Students who are in need of special accommodations, must notify their teacher and the AP Coordinator upon enrollment in the course.

For more information from the College Board please see this article Why Take AP?

Registration Sites: College Board and Total Registration will need to be visited to secure your AP Exam
  1. College Board- Exam Registration
  2. Total Registration- Exam Payment. A minimum payment of $40 per exam is required by
November 1, 2023 to secure your order without incurring a $45.00 late fee.
Clovis North School Code: 050628
AP Exam Registration Dates
September 18, 2023– November 1, 2023
Late Registration
(incurring a $45 late fee per exam)
November 1, 2023 – March 1, 2024
Final Date to Register for an AP Exam (NO EXCEPTIONS)
March 1, 2024
Cancellation Deadline (partial refund of exam fee)
March 1, 2024       
Final Cancellation Deadline (NO REFUND)
After March 1, 2024
AP Exam Fee
$40.00 per exam
Total Registration Admin Fee
$5.00 per exam
Late Registration Fee
Additional $45.00 per exam
Unused Exam Fee /No Show Exam Fee (if exam is not canceled by March 1, 2024)
ALTERNATE TESTING: If you have a conflict with your regular scheduled AP exam please email Mistie Burrow @ [email protected] might be due to sport or school co-curricular event.
Free/Reduced Meal (must be enrolled)
$10.00 per exam
Cancellation Fee after ordering (including Free and Reduced Lunch Students)
$45.00 per exam


AP Testing Information

Advanced Placement Calendar

ACT/SAT Test dates


As S SAT vs ACT Testchool Counselors, we are are often asked, "Which test is best for me?" Click the icon to the left to watch a quick video that addresses this important question.


Test Date: Wednesday October 11th, 2023
Time: 8:00 AM
PSAT is digital this year and for 11th grade students only. Students who have paid and registered for the test will be notified by e-mail with important test reminders.
 Though we are not offering these tests to all grade levels, students are still able to take advantage of amazing resources for SAT preparation through Collegeboard.com. Updated practice tests for PSAT and SAT are available at no cost through the resources listed on this page.


October 2023 CNEC PSAT Results 
Once available, PSAT results will be made available to you online through collegeboard.org. Information of how to access personal scores will be sent to those students who provided an e-mail address on their PSAT test. If you do not receive an e-mail stating that your scores are ready, you can still access your test results through college board by following the directions at the link below.


As the nation's most widely used college admission test, the SAT is taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities. The SAT tests the reading, writing and math skills that are critical for success in college and beyond. The SAT also provides the opportunity for you to connect to scholarship opportunities, place out of certain college courses,and learn more about your academic strengths.

Four year college-bound students should take the SAT during the spring of their junior year and again during the fall of their senior year. Most colleges require students to take the SAT no later than the December test date.


The Pre-ACT will not be offered this year.  
This 10th grade assessment predicts student performance on the ACT test and offers career-interest information to help students and parents make informed decisions and plan for their future.   
Please access resources at www.act.org or www.act.org/preact

Sign up for the ACT

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