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Student Parking Permit

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parking permit

Each vehicle parked in the lot must have a completed application and permit.  Hanger Permit must be attached to rear view mirror, so it is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.
Students are to park in the designated Student Parking Lots and must be correctly parked in the stalls (no backing into stalls, pulled forward only.)  
The Main Student Parking Lot is the lot on the far west side of the campus closest to Chestnut Ave on the Clovis North side of campus.  The Overflow Student Parking Lot is the lot on the far east side of the campus closest to Willow Ave on the Granite Ridge side of campus.  
Students are not allowed to park in any parking lots other than the designated student parking lots unless permission has been granted by campus police. Students are not allowed to park south of the theatre (PAC), in any of the parking lots parallel to the athletic fields, or in any Staff parking areas (there are signs posted on light poles in the staff areas.)  During the school day students are also prohibited from parking in the lots nearest the athletic fields/track.
Students are not to sit in parked cars or loiter in the parking lot at any time during the school day.
Drivers are to adhere to vehicle code laws and specific rules of the Clovis North Educational Campus.
A 10 MPH speed limit must be observed in the parking areas.
Penalties for misuse of cars include:   
  • Loss of privilege of bringing cars to school
  • And/or Suspension from school
  • And/or Referral of the matter to the police if the offense warrants it
Citations will be issued for any and/or all infractions.

How to Purchase a Student Parking Permit

To purchase a parking pass:
  1. Log in to Parent Connect https://www.cusd.com/ParentConnection.aspx
  2. Click on  the blue “Annual Information Update” at the top right hand of the screen
  3. Click on Step 2
  4. Click on the Clovis North Downloads tab located on left hand side of screen
  5. Enter Students information
  6. Scroll across the screen to enter car information ( insurance policy  number, Make Model, License plate number etc..)
  7. Click box that reads “ I agree that I have reviewed”
  8. Click the “Submit” button on the top left had of the screen.
After that date, please complete the information above and bring $10, your Driver's License and Digital ID to Sara Severson, in the main office before school, at lunch and after school.  Permits will not be distributed during class time. 

We no longer accept paper Parking Permit Applications. All driver and car information must be inputted in the Annual Information Update (AIU)
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