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Club Meetings During Distance Learning Time Period

French Club will be meeting the first Friday of each month beginning in November.
Clovis North Lunch Hangouts are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunch.  Please refer to the slides for information.
Granite Ridge Lunch Hangouts are on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch.  Please refer to the slides for information.
Hold the Door Club will be meeting the first Wednesday of each month.
Broncos for Babies will be meeting the fourth Wednesday of each month beginning Wednesday, Oct. 28th.
Fit Club will meet at lunch the last Friday of each month at 3 pm.
Coloring Books Club will be meeting via Zoom.  (Club will meet every other Tuesday)
Believe Club will be meeting via Zoom.  (Club will meet every other Friday)
Photography club will be meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 3 pm
Autism Awareness Club will meet every Monday via Zoom at 1:30 pm.
Guitar club meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at lunch.
Unified Ski Club meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at lunch.
Asian Club will meet on Tuesday at lunch.  Meetings will be held every other Tuesday.
Ping Pong Club meeting is on Wednesday, October 28th at lunch.
ALA Club will be meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 2:55 pm. We start November 10th
People for Parkinson’s first club meeting is this Thursday October 22nd at 2:15pm.  All are welcome to attend!  Join the remind @cnecpfp

Clubs Around Campus

Virtual Club Rush

Check out Virtual Club Rush by clicking here.  We have over 60 clubs that you can join.  Just check out the slides and make sure to fill out google form.  If you have a question, email jamesdisanto@cusd.com

Listed below are the clubs that are available at this time

Students wishing to begin a new club must… 
  • complete a “New Club Petition”(available in the Activities office)Due Oct.1st
  • have at least fifteen (15) other students that are interested in this club, and  
  • find a staff member that is willing to be the club advisor.
  • the club will be voted on by ASB.  Once the vote is decided if it is to become a club, approval will be made by the Principal and Deputy Principal.

* If you have any questions contact the Activities Office 327-5332








A Better Place

Josh Olson


To make the world a better place by participating in various activities such as tree planting and recycling.

Anime Club

Matt Hirata


To bring together fellow anime lovers and share our opinions on anime.

Broncos Illusion and Magic Club

Corbett Loving


To teach magic and share knowledge of magic to those who wish to learn.

Bronco Spirit Club

Lance Trueblood


To get more students to attend sporting events and want to return game after game. 

Club Nintendo

Corbett Loving


To revive a lost club, make it better and have good times with each other.

Desi Club

Kamal Traxinger


To educate all people about the south Asian Culture and reinstate Desi culture and values in those of Desi descent, to organize community service projects at Islamic, Hindu and Sikh houses of worship and to provide an outlet for Desis to discuss issues pertaining to our community.

Environmental Club

Leslie Iskenderian


The purpose is to educate students on issues regarding the environment and community service to support environmental issues. The goal is to support students and staff in recycling. 

Filipino Club

Jennifer Lummis


To celebrate Filipino heritage and its rich history while also bringing a sense of community to the Filipino students at CNEC as well as those interested in Filipino culture.  We also aim to raise awareness about social and economic problems in the Philippines and providing volunteering opportunities in the Philippines to lend a hand to those in poverty-stricken areas.

Free Speech Society

Melissa Ferdinandsen

Room 151

to encourage students to use their right of free speech safely and respectfully.

Gaming Club

Matt Holcomb


To promote the educational use of games, both video games and board games and to give people a period of time to enjoy themselves in an otherwise hectic time. 

Hip Hop Dance Club

Joel Abels


We are focused on learning Hip-Hop plus freestyle.  Dancing is a fun way to exercise and allows people to feel confident.

Kleats for Kids

Mark Tackett


To distribute cleats throughout underserved schools in Fresno County in order to allow students to reach their full potential as athletes.

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Kathryne McAndrew


To set the foundation for a High School student to participate in the students of the year program held by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Life Teen Club

Elizabeth Compton

Thursday once a month room 241

To lead teens closer to their faith, to educate students on the Catholic Faith, and build unity amongst the members.

Muslim Club

Kirsten Aguilar


To bring Muslims, or those interested in learning about Muslims, together while giving back to the community.  

People  For Parkinson’s

Lindsey Phillips


To raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and its impact, to raise funds to donate to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) to volunteer to help those impacted by Parkinson’s disease and to raise awareness of motor disabilities and ableism in society.

Pitching In

Jeff Prieto


To collect used baseball clothes to donate to underprivileged baseball players in our community.  We want all baseball players to have the opportunity to experience the same blessings in baseball that we have experienced. 

Sisters United in Christ

Julia Havens

Every other Wed. starting 9/18

To create a safe haven for fellow Christian girls to gather and grow in their faith at school. 

Soccer Club

Dan O’Hara

Every Friday room 137

The mission of the soccer club is to promote the sport of soccer to create a positive place to exchange soccer information and practice soccer. The group will discuss soccer games and skills. The group will work within the school to improve our soccer program.

Sports Medicine Club

Kate Khal


To build upon learning done in class in a more fun environment.

Student Success Club


To improve academic and athletic success through stress reducing and mind calming activities.

Unheard Cries

Lavinia Terra


To spread awareness of the penury and persecution in the Middle Eastern regions. This club will fight poverty through certain programs providing humanitarian assistance for people in need.

Unified Connections

Cynde Walton


To establish a special education cheer team to perform at various school athletic events and school activities as well as participate in other activities on campus.

World Culture Club


We seek to promote understanding and appreciation of world cultures.

Young Democratic Club

Lisa Bennett


To educate our members and CN about politics and the Democratic platform.  Also, we intend on volunteering for the DNC by doing voter registrations and phone booths

Young Republican Club

Corbett Loving

Kamal Traxinger

Every Other Thursday 

Next Mtg


To analyze and debate the present political atmosphere in relation to right wing decisions.  We aim to promote Republican ideals and standards and contrast to other parties.



Meeting Day


African-American Student Union (BSU)

Sean Ford


Every other Monday



Our purpose is to show respect for African American heritage while creating a positive influence in the community.  We strive to reach out and lend a helping hand so others might have an opportunity to experience a better perspective and future.  The goal of AASU is to become active in the community, form academic mentoring groups, and to promote college education.


American Cancer Society

Josh Olson

Room 182

To help fight back cancer with financial and emotional support and to make a difference in the fight against cancer by involvement in the community.

American Lung Association Club

Janessa Rodriguez


Our mission is to raise awareness in order to reduce the risk of developing lung disease in our community.

American Sign Language Club

Alyssa Albee


To teach people ASL and communicate with deaf and hard of hearing students.

Amnesty International

Ana Robles


To work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.

Animal Society

Claire Steinbronn


To educate people about being a responsible pet owner, animal cruelty awareness and community involvement with shelters and no-kill rescues.

Art Club

Lauren Myers


Of the month

Promoting the arts at Clovis North and allow students that are already involved in the art classes extra time to perfect their work.

Asian Club

Laura Quall


Every other Tuesday room 251

To promote unity on campus.

Astronomy Club

Christopher Kipp


The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to provide students with a place to learn about and explore the science, history and current events of Astronomy and Space Exploration.

Band Club

David Lesser


To give students the opportunity to practice playing their band instruments in groups and individually work in chamber group ensembles to practice additional selections and to improve their musical technique.

Believe Equality Club

Kirsten Aguiar


To promote inclusion and provide support for students of every race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, culture or religion.

Biology Club

Geoffrey Quiring

Room 170

The Biology Club aims to teach students the fundamentals of biology prepare students for Biology Olympiad, and spread awareness of the  importance of learning Biology.

Book Club


Elizabeth Knapp

Room 150

Reading classical and modern works of literature, compare and contrast books, and see how they apply to reality and modern day life. CN Students ONLY

CN Bronco Bakers

Heather Lingenfelter


The purpose of the Bronco Cooking and Baking Club is to teach CN students how to cook and bake basic foods. Our goal is to help students gain a new perspective on cooking.







Lucas Lundy




3rd Tuesdays

To increase social interaction between special education students and general students.


Broncos for Babies

Julie Havens


To raise money for the March of Dimes organization and spread awareness about the risks of premature births.

Broncos for Seniors

Kathryne McAndrew


To provide comfort, support and words of encouragement to senior citizens.

Builders Club—GR Only




Cactus and Succulent Club

Toni Ognibene


To promote enthusiasm, knowledge, sustainable collection and conservation of cacti and succulents.

Chess Club

Travis Mills


To promote the game of chess. As part of the goal, members will teach novice how to play, share different game strategies and promote proper game etiquette.  A second goal is to provide a comfortable medium where students can relax and socialize.

Clovis North Pep and Cheer Club



To promote all student involvement in pep and cheer and to teach students pep and cheer techniques/routines. CN Students Only

Coding Club

Mary Allen


To teach people how to code the basics of computer science and share programming ideas.

Coloring Books

Kirsten Aguilar


To popularize authors that are women and authors of color.


GR—Nicole Torres

CN—Laura Quall


CSI provides students a place to make decision-making skills, increase student’s confidence, work on communication skills, and problem-solving strategies in a group atmosphere. 


Disaster Relief Club

Melissa Ferdinandsen


The purpose of the Disaster Relief Club is to provide assistance to local businesses, medical centers, and schools through donating important and needed necessary supplies or finances.

Doctors Without Borders Club

Lavinia Terra


To fundraise for Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization that provides medical aid for people in countries going through crises: “Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial.”

Drama Club

Joel Abels


The purpose of this troupe shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in the theatre. More specifically, the troupe shall encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts.

Dungeons and Dragons

Lucas Lundy

Alyssa Albee

1st Tuesday of each month

To make a fun and peaceful environment for students who want to live through their wildest dreams.

Educators Rising California

Nicole Torres

Amy Grannis


To encourage students to pursue working in the Education field.

Erase the Hate

Lisa Bennett


Erase the Hate is a club that is part of a national campaign to create a world where people fee safe from hate, but even more importantly, come to understand where hate and misunderstanding come from.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes—FCA

CN—Tim Thiessen


GR—Ron Ramos

Every Wed.

F.C.A. has guest speakers & fun in fellowship.   YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN ATHLETE TO JOIN!!!

FILM Club Filming, interest, Leadership, Movies

Cody Ashford

Room 501

Wed @ lunch

The purpose is to work on filming, acting, leadership money management and imaginative writing.

Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Club

Dustin Riley


To clean and help preserve the wildlife at local ponds, rivers and lakes and teach people how to fish and enjoy fishing.

Fit and Nutrition Club


Rachael Delgadillo



3rd Friday of the month room 230

To educate people about healthy lifestyles and promote positive fitness choices. 

French Cultural Club

Julie Havens

Last Thursday

Room 280

To promote a better understanding of the French language and culture.

Frisbee: Ultimate Frisbee Club

Travis Mills


To gather students who love the game of ultimate Frisbee, have an interest in the game, or just looking for something fun and active after school.

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

CN—Joel Abels


Through peer support and leadership development we hope to: create a safe environment in school for students to support each other and learn about homophobia and other oppressions; educate the Clovis North community about homophobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues; and fight discrimination, harassment and violence in schools.  CN Students ONLY

Girl Up

Sally Howe


Unite students to champion and empower girls around the world.  Members will learn how to make a positive difference in the lives of many girls around the world.  This club will work with Girl Up, the organization affiliated the UN, to take action in helping girls in need.

Granite Ridge Pep and Cheer Club



To promote all student involvement in pep and cheer and to teach students pep and cheer techniques/routines. GR Students ONLY.

Guitar Club

Rachael Delgadillo


The mission of the Guitar Club is to promote guitar skills acquisition and share the learning of the guitar music with others. The group will discuss all kinds of music, bands and learn guitar chords and rifts per personal preferences. The group will work within the school to grow in their guitar skills.

Habitat for Humanity:Bronco Builders

Mrs. Terra


To Fundraise for and help with the needs of the local Habitat for Humanity Chapter including building for members 16 and over.

Heart Disease Awareness

Geoffrey Quiring


To promote and raise awareness regarding different types of heart disease and how it can be detected early in life

Hiking Club

Travis Mills

Johnathan Benson



The purpose of this club to get students active and give them a chance to meet new friends through hiking.  We will explore the beautiful foothills and mountains that surround our Central Valley.  The hikes will include trips to Yosemite National Park as well as other places. Throughout the year, there will be 5-6 day hikes that take place.

Hold the Door

Julie Havens

Every other Wed beg. 9/25

Our purpose is not only to encourage physically opening the door for others, but to mentally hold the door for new opportunities, new friends and kindness.

Interact Club

Jennifer Boman

1st Tuesday of each month in Activities

The goal of Interact is to develop leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others, understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work, and advance international understanding and goodwill. 

Intervention Club

Josh Olson


To help and teach various school subjects in an after school lab setting for students struggling in classes.

Just Vlogs

Miss Saunders


The purpose of Just Vlogs is to be a place where students are able to share their own Vlogs or Vlogs of other people.

Junior American Citizens (JAC)

Corbett Loving


To teach America school children the principles of government and to promote good citizenship and appreciation of American Heritage and history.

K Volve

Steven Elsberry


To promote K-pop and have fun dancing.  We will also introduce dancing as a new form of exercise.

Key Club

CN-Sherri Lummis


The purpose is to provide opportunities for CN students to perform community service independently and in conjunction with Kiwanis Club International, and provide opportunities for leadership experiences. CN Students ONLY

Know More Club

Michelle Miller


To spread awareness about teen relationship abuse by performing I classrooms to the students of GR/CN.  Also raise funds/knowledge about/for Marjaree Mason Center, a non-profit, who backs this club.

LASO (Latino Achieving Success Organization

Ana Robles

Nancy Mojarras


To improve the access to and the quality of post-secondary educational opportunities for Latino students.

Mental Health Awareness

Julie Barrett

Every other Thursday at lunch

To educate students about psychological disorders and break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Operation Smile

Mark Tackett


To raise funds for children without access to safe surgeries for cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

Paintings and Photos for Funds (PPF)—CN ONLY

Mark Tackett


The purpose of this club is to raise money for local projects in Fresno that give back to the community by selling art and photos based on/in Fresno and clovis at local events such as Art Hop.

Percussion Literature Club

David Gabrielson


To promote and gain an appreciation of old and new styles and genres of music written expressly for percussion ensemble.

Photography Club

Janessa Rodriguez


To provide an opportunity for those who enjoy photography to get together and have fun.

Physics Club

Christopher Kipp


To promote Physics within the school community, develop problem solving skills and conceptual understanding of underlying physical principles and to prepare for AP exam.

Physics Olympiad Club

Christopher Kipp


The purpose of the physics Olympiad Club is to prepare and enter students for the Physics Olympiad competitions.

Ping Pong Club

Monica Morandi


To provide a safe and fun environment for students from Granite Ridge and Clovis North to learn and practice ping pong.

PJ Alvendia Foundation

Sarah Jackson


We are a non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness and raise money for Leukemia.

Podcast Club

Christine Long


Bring kids together by interviewing kids who succeed in all fields, including art, science, sports and leadership.  Teachers will be interviewed for tips and successes like sports coaches or academic co-curriculars.

Poetry Club

Laura Collins

Pam Rakis


The purpose is to increase diversity with the expression of the spoken word. To promote the writing and appreciation of poetry and enhance the student’s ability to write creatively.

Red Cross Club

Sally Howe


Empower students with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare our school and community to respond and help others during emergencies.


Michelle Miller


To promote relationships with God and Jesus Christ.

Save the Children Club

Mark Tackett


The purpose of the Save the Children Club is to raise awareness about the problems of underprivileged children are experiencing and to run fundraisers or otherwise garner donations in order to aid the parent organization (Save the Children)

Sikh (Jakara/PCA) Club

Lance Trueblood

Room 254

To promote service, volunteering, academic excellence and civic engagement. Spread awareness of Sikhism and unity at CNEC.

Sustainability and Conservation Club

Johnathan Benson


To enhance awareness of local and global environmental issues and to work toward more eco-friendly habits and lifestyles in our school and community through discussions and activities.

SWE Next (Society of Women Engineers)

Mary Allen


To educate and prepare young ladies in the careers in the STEM fields, specifically engineering.

Table Tennis Club

Corbett Loving


The purpose is to engage our members in fun physical activity and also raising money for charitable purposes.

Together We Rise at Clovis North

Geoffrey Quiring


To raise money to help specifically Foster youth to receive the proper care they deserve, and to raise awareness of the foster system.  This organization is a subsection of Together We Rise.

Ukulele Club

Josh Olson


To share and experience the fun and joy of Ukulele playing.


Lavinia Terra


This club is established to bring light to issues in developing countries and bring forth potential solutions to contribute to such cause.  We strive to increase the awareness of these issues and uphold UNICEF’s mission. 

Unified Ski Club

Rachael Delgadillo

Jayson Brinkley



To come together and plan for our ski trips to China Peak.


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