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Clovis North / Granite Ridge Intermediate News Article

Return to School Hybrid Students Important Information

Please review the important information below with your child regarding our return.
  1. PERMISSION FOR RETURN TO CAMPUS - All students returning to campus must complete a permission to return form.  Click here to complete this form → CNEC PERMISSION to RETURN.
  1. ATTENDANCE - INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEARING AN ABSENCE. It is important students do not come to school while ill.  Students with a fever or exhibiting active symptoms should not come to school in-person.  Please call the absence into the attendance office.  They may attend class online when this has been done so they do not miss instructional time. 
In-person attendance for Hybrid students is mandatory.  For school safety reasons students in the hybrid model who are/will be absent need to have parents clear that absence with attendance so we know that the student will not be physically present.  
  1. STUDENT DROP OFF/PICKUP - TEMP CHECK and DROPOFF MAP - Drop Off in the morning will be from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. and all students will need to have their temperature taken at one of the temperature check stations located on campus.  Drop off locations are listed in green on the map and temperature check stations are in yellow.  Families may choose the most convenient drop off location. We encourage students to come onto campus as early in the drop off window as feasible to help us process students in a timely manner.  
Students who drive to campus should all park in the Clovis North side lot.  We will be giving all students parking passes (no charge) at Temp Check #3 the first week of school. 
Pickup locations are the same as drop off locations and begins at the end of the school day at 12:45 when all students depart campus.  All students are eligible to receive a free lunch/breakfast as they leave campus, and these will be available at carts located near exit points on campus.  Students may also pick meals for siblings who are not present.
  1. SCHOOL SAFETY and SOCIAL DISTANCE - Please watch the RETURN TO CAMPUS VIDEO to get a good idea of what some of our school safety procedures will be.  Some key points we would like to emphasize are (1) students will need to wear a mask at all times; (2) the mask must be correctly worn (over nose and mouth) except while eating/drinking; (3) face shields, gaiters and bandannas are not permissible substitutions for a face mask.  Having a backup mask is also encouraged and the school will have masks available for students whose masks break.
  1. DRESS CODE and LIFE ON CAMPUS - The dress code will be enforced on campus beginning the first day of school.  Of particular concern is hair color (there are some excellent shades of pink we see on zoom), pants (no torn jeans/yoga pants), and appropriate shoes (gotta ditch the flip flops/slides).
The time between periods on campus will be 15 minutes.  Students should use this time to eat a snack, drink some water and use the restroom.  Filling stations for water bottles are located at several points on campus (although drinking fountains will be turned off).  
In addition to snacks and a water bottle, students should bring a backup mask, their computer, charging cord and headphones.
Once again, and on behalf of the entire CNEC team, we look forward to having your child back on campus.

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