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Clovis North / Granite Ridge Intermediate News Article

2023/24 Pep and Cheer Try Out Information

The picture below is a link to the Bronco Pep and Cheer website with all the information regarding try outs.

Granite Ridge and Clovis North

Pep and Cheer Tryout Information 


Date and Time:


Applications Available

Monday, April 3rd
(Google Form will be closed until this date)

Google Form:

Click here for application.

Application Due

Friday, April 21st

5:00 PM

Online - Google Form

Tryout Material Available

Friday, April 28th

5:00 PM

Online - Bronco Pep & Cheer Website

Clinics for Tryout Material Review (Not Mandatory)

Tuesday, May 2nd
5:00 - 6:30

GR & CN MPRs (Go to side of school you are trying out for)

Clovis North Cheer Tryouts

Wednesday, May 3rd

4:00 - 8:00 PM

Dance Room

Clovis North Pep Tryouts

Thursday, May 4th

3:30 - 8:00 PM

Dance Room

Granite Ridge Tryouts

(Both Pep and Cheer)

Friday, May 5th

3:30 - 8:00 PM

Dance Room

Teams Announced

Saturday, May 6th

by 3:00 PM

Bronco Pep & Cheer Website Listed by Student ID

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Monday, May 8th, 6:00 PM

Zoom - Link will be on Website

Application                        Mandatory Parent Meeting 

Friday, April 21st: Google Form Application is due.          For parents of all athletes who make a team.

Click here for application.                    Monday, May 8th at 6:00 PM

Must be submitted online by 5:00 PM.                 Online via Zoom

No late applications will be accepted.            Link will be posted on the website on May 7th

Clinic Dates: 


Tuesday, May 2nd

GR MPR (7th and 8th grade)

CN MPR (9th-12th grade) 

5:00 - 6:30 PM 

Tryout material will also be posted on the website.


Wednesday, May 3rd - Clovis North Cheer

Thursday, May 4th - Clovis North Pep

Friday, May 5th - all Granite Ridge candidates

Dance Room 

3:30-8:00 PM (may end earlier due to the amount of girls that tryout)

(CN Cheer won’t begin until 4:00)

Tryout Attire:

All black top and bottoms.  Bronco/GR/CN wear is acceptable, but solid black is preferred.  Shorts or leggings are fine.  Cheer candidates should be in white tennis shoes.  Pep candidates can wear tennis shoes or jazz shoes.  Hair should be slicked back in a low pony.  All jewelry should be removed.

Tryout Scoring Breakdown:

Sideline: 30 points (rhythm, sharpness, facials/showmanship, knowledge of routine, technique/execution, overall impression)

Game Action: 25 points (loudness, sharpness, crowd encouragement, technique/execution, motion placement, confidence)

Overall Showmanship/Smile/Energy: 15 points 

Appearance (proper tryout attire/hair/no jewelry): 10 points

Coaching Evaluation: 10 points*

Jumps (Cheer Only): 10 points

Kicks (Pep Only): 5 points

Splits (Pep Only): 5 points

Total: 100 points**

* For athletes new to the program or who did not participate in the 22-23 Academic Year, their Overall Showmanship and Game Action scores will be added together (max 40 points), divided by 4 to create a value out of 10, and placed into their Coaching Evaluation category.

** All 7th Grade teams will be out of 90 points, due to not having a Coaching Evaluation category.

Coaching Evaluation:
All current game squad coaches were given a Google Form to fill out for all athletes on their teams during the 2022-2023 Academic Year.  Athletes were evaluated on the consistency of being on time, having all components of their uniform, communicating with their coaches regarding any conflicts, keeping talking to a minimum during events, and smiling and being enthusiastic while cheering.

Previous membership on a Bronco Pep & Cheer team does not guarantee placement on any team for the next year. Final selection for squads will be based on the candidate’s cumulative score and the input from coaches, the program director, and administrators. There is not a set number for selection of each team. The cut will be made at the natural break in the total scores. DECISIONS ARE FINAL. SCORE SHEETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISCUSSION.

Clovis North Game Squad Practice Times

Every Monday, August 21st through December 18th (Fall Semester)
3:30 - 5:00 PM

Granite Ridge Game Squad Practice Times

Every Thursday 3rd Period Block during PE (Fall Semester)

Important To Note: 

  • All CUSD & CNEC obligations must be cleared prior to the tryout date. 

  • All tryout participants must be in attendance for the day of tryouts.   Any exceptions due to conflicting school sports/activities must be worked out in advance and requested on the tryout application (special arrangements may be made to accommodate these students).

  • Any squad member who quit the team or was otherwise removed from a game pep & cheer team for any reason other than GPA, COVID, or other physical/mental health concern is ineligible to tryout for any 2023-2024 Pep or Cheer Squad at Granite Ridge or Clovis North.

Email with any questions: [email protected]

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