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Transition Program

The Transition Program is part of a district-wide effort to improve support for students academically, emotionally, and socially. Our program focuses on developing positive relationships with students and parents, providing services and resources for students to reach their potential and pursue their goals, and creating a sustainable support system for our participating students from elementary school through high school.

The Clovis North Area has a dedicated Transition Team that will support students on a regular basis. Transition Team Leaders and Coordinators will focus on students who may not seek out help and would benefit from one-on-one support, mentorship, and increased connections to school services and resources. 

Transition Team

  • Kevin Miller—Transition Coordinator
  • Gary Omi—Transition Counselor
  • Stacey Oldham—Learning Director
  • Genevieve Barnes—Administrative Assistant

How to Connect Your Student to Transition

Contact your student’s counselor and they will be able to refer your student to our program.
Kevin Miller--Transition Coordinator  [email protected] 
Gary Omi--Transition Counselor [email protected] 

Transition Team Leaders

  • Tim Adebayo
  • Carissa Brisco
  • Rainie Brown
  • Mark Iraheta
  • Scott Isaak
  • Cameron Shahrokhi
  • Ashley Wilson-Camy


The CNEC Counseling Center offers academic counselling, connectivity to resources, assistance with college applications, and career pathways information.  CNEC Counseling

Both Granite Ridge and Clovis North have a Peer Counseling class, where students are trained in listening/communication skills. Once the training is complete, students are then available to talk with peers who request to see a Peer Counselor. During these "sessions", students are able to talk about issues they may be struggling with; i.e., family problems, academic problems, peer problems, etc. Peer Counselors do not give advice but attempt to help the struggling student come up with good solutions. The Peer Counselors are supervised by Mrs. Michelle Miller (Clovis North) and Mrs. Kaitlyn Vargas (Granite Ridge). This is a wonderful resource for students who prefer to speak to someone closer to their own age. Peer Counseling website. 

Resources/Clovis Support and Intervention (CSI)

Throughout the school year at CLOVIS NORTH EDUCATIONAL CENTER, students can participate in a peer support group, as groups are available and student needs are identified.  These voluntary educational support groups are a part of our district wide CSI-Clovis Support and Intervention Program.

The goals of these groups are to increase students’ confidence, decision-making  skills, listening and communication skills and problem solving strategies. By building these personal skills and providing support, students will be better equipped to effectively cope with peer pressures, school related stress and other issues of concern.

These confidential groups meet weekly and are scheduled during one class period or lunch for 8 consecutive sessions. Groups are considered a school activity, so participating students will not be counted as absent.  However, students are expected to be responsible and make up any missed class assignments through arrangements with their teacher.

Facilitators are specially trained and CSI/SAP Certified teachers and staff in our district.

If you would like any further information or have any questions, feel free to contact your child’s teacher, school personnel or the CSI Site Coordinator.

Granite Ridge Coordinator – Nicole Torres: [email protected]

Clovis North Coordinator – Laura Quall: [email protected]
Please fill out this form to complete a referral 
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