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Our Staff

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Joshua Shapiro, Ed.D.
CNEC Principal
Jonathan Bowns
CNEC Deputy Principal 
Laurel Graves 
CNEC Deputy Principal
Alicynne Chaney
Learning Director/AB/Drama/Forensics
Anthony Follis
Learning Director/Soc Sci/Band/Yearbook 
Katie Scalzo
Learning Director/Sci/Robotics/CTE/AP
Kaitlyn Vargas
Learning Director/Math/Visual Arts/AVID
Tom Wright
Learning Director/Student Services/Choir
Yvette Adams
Learning Director/Special Education
Coby Lindsey
CN Athletic Director 
Rob Streeter
GR Athletic Director 
Tim Simons
Asst. Athletic Director 
James DiSanto
CN Activities Director 
Katie Aiello
GR Activities Director 

Business Support Staff

Jill Lawley
CNEC Office Manager
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Shapiro 
Cathy Laskarzewski
CNEC ASB Finance
Genevieve Barnes
Administrative Assistant to Mr. Follis 
Janis Tatum
Administrative Assistant to Mr. Bowns
Jennifer Boman
Activities Administrative Assistant
Kamal Traxinger
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Scalzo
Stacey Mansfield
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Graves
Kelly Fourchy
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Chaney
Kristy Todd
Athletics Receptionist
Lynn Wampler
Bronco Foundation Secretary
Mistie Burrow
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Vargas
Stacey Belmont
Athletics Administrative Assistant
Sara Severson
ASB Finance/Data processing/Parking permit
Stephanie Rouse
Data Processing
Pawanjit Sidhu
Student Store

Counseling Department

Bryana Montemayor
Courtney Wilson
Head Counselor 
Jay Center
Joy Bennett
Pat Gilbert
Counselor for Kerince Nguyen
Sean Ford
Soua Herr
Tina Wood
Candice Puentes
Career Center/Independent Study 
Linda Harris
Counseling Center Administrative Assistant 


Cyndi Massa
CN Registrar  (559) 327-5013 
Shaleece Covington
GR Registrar  (559) 327-5088

Student Services

Tom Wright
Learning Director 
Hubert Alvarez
Student Relations Liaison 
Lindsay Bandy
Student Relations Liaison
Jenn Banks
Truancy Officer
Stephen Chafi
Student Relations Liaison
Mariela Fregoso
Bobby Higgins
Campus Monitor
Matthew Gay
Student Relations Liaison
Karen Johnson
Guidance Learning Specialist
Rozene Mason
Student Services Receptionist
Lee Ness
GR School Resource Officer
Karen Sieperda
Administrative Assistant
Michael Silvas
Student Relations Liaison
Justin Steinhardt
CN School Resource Officer

Transition Team

Kevin Miller
CNEC Transition Team Coordinator
Gary Omi
CNEC Transition Counselor
Brett Constable
CN Transition SRL
Angela Marshall
Transition SRL
Kevin Robinson
Transition SRL
Michelle Tolbert
Brenda Forbes
Transition SRL
Jena Toews
Transition SRL
Rainie Brown
Transition SRL
Natalie Avadis
Transition IA
Marissa Medina
Transition IA  

Health Services and Student Emotional Support

Loretta Rocha-Newman
CN Nurse
Grazia Tragitt
CN Health Aide
Kayleigh Moranda
Irene Benavides
GR Health Aide
Julie Barrett
Cy Hiyane
GR Psychologist
Holly Ensign
Denise Segal
Rebecca Long
GR FLS Psychologist 
Paneet Bath
CN Autism Psychologist
Curtis Ranieri

Attendance Office

Glenda Hedrick
Attendance/Independent Study
(559) 327-5078 
Sandy Tenney
(559) 327-5011 
Jennie Roberto
Carisa Hutchings
(559) 327-5010 

Library Staff

Laura Collins
Shannon Gonzales
Library Tech
Melissa Ruiz
Library Tech

Teachers by Department

7th Grade Academic Block

Alyssa Albee
7th Grade AB 
Jill Drilling
7th Grade AB
Nathan Eberle
7th Grade AB
Carol Martin
7th Grade AB 
Ellen Nielsen
7th Grade AB 
Janessa Rodriguez
7th Grade AB 
Sara Silva
7th Grade AB/7th Grade Lead 
Claire Steinbronn
7th Grade AB 
Kim Williams
7th Grade AB 

8th Grade Academic Block

Amy Grannis
8th Grade AB 
Sarah Jackson
8th Grade AB
Sherri Lummis
8th Grade AB/8th Grade Lead
Latisha Pitts
8th Grade AB 
Robert Prado
8th Grade AB 
Lisamarie Slater
8th Grade AB 

Candice Smith
8th Grade AB
Kelsey Smith
8th Grade AB 
Daniela Topjian
8th Grade AB/GR Peer Counselor

GR Math

Matt Hirata
Math 7
Kimberly Fries
Math 7
Mandy Howland
Math 7/Math 8 
Katelynn Hamilton
Math 7/Math 7 Strategies
Sally Peterson
Advanced Math 7
Ron Ramos
Math 8/Advanced Math 8
Steve Elsberry
Math 8/Advanced Math 8
Dewayne Williams
Math 8/Math 8 Strategies
Matthew Holcomb
Advanced Math 8/Math 2

Physical Education

Kacey Akin
GR Physical Education
Kari Genco
GR Physical Education
John Jones
GR Physical Education
Bryan Juinio
GR Physical Education
Dustin Riley
GR Physcial Education
Tanner Sneed
GR Physical Education

Science Department

Johnathan Benson
CN/GR Honors Biology 
Matt Carter
CN/GR Biology 
Jonathan Clark
8th Grade Science 
Tony Frates
8th Grade Science 
Jim Giacobbe
7th Grade Science 
Debra Lindstrom
7th Grade Science/8th Grade Honors  
Mark Matteucci
8th Grade Science
Maral McDowell
CN/GR Biology 
Dan O'Hara
 7th Grade Science
Erica Robinson
7th Grade Science/Honors 7th Gr. Science

GR Special Education Department

Cynde Walton
GR Autism
Eric Hansen
GR Vocational Education/RSP
Trish Anderton
GR Vocational Education/RSP
Lucas Lundy
GR Vocational Education/RSP
Vianey Arias
GR Functional Life Skills (FLS)
Jena Fields
GR Autism
Jessica Van Ness

Visual and Performing Arts

Cody Ashford
GR Drama 
Michael Cheng
CN/GR Orchestra
Riley Garcia
GR Choir
Monica Morandi
CN/GR Art 
Jose Vargas
GR Band

Other Electives

Jill Drilling
CTE/8th Grade Intro to Education
Amy Grannis
CTE/8th Grade Exploring Child Literature
David Steele
Computer App Science
Claire Steinbronn
Film Studies
Sherri Lummis
Film Studies
Ben Holscher
Teen Living
Faith Younglund
GR Yearbook
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