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CNEC Return to School Updated Information
As many of you are aware, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) have changed their guidance regarding the required distance between students in the classroom from 6 feet down to 3 feet.  This change in guidance allows CNEC to have more students on campus and in classrooms.
This presents us with the opportunity to make some alterations to our learning model and the chance for families to request changes based upon this information.  All students/families will have the option to request a change in their learning model.  Changes will be in effect beginning April 19, 2021. There are links further down in this document that can be used to request changes to your student’s learning option.  
PLEASE NOTE...On March 15th (prior to revised guidance from the CDC), we sent a survey to families asking them to let us know if they wanted to return in a new learning mode. Many of you did respond (thank you!). However, because of this new public health guidance, we are asking families to read the information below and re-submit using the new survey links below to confirm your choice.  
WHAT WILL CHANGE? Students enrolled in the Hybrid model currently attend school two days per week in either “A” or “B” track.  We are excited to announce that beginning April 19, 2021 these tracks will be combined and all Hybrid model students will automatically be enrolled to attend school in person 4 days a week (Tue - Fri).  Essentially, we will be combining our ‘tracks’ into a single on campus group.  Attending two days a week will no longer be an option.
WHAT WILL NOT CHANGE? CNEC will still continue to offer Clovis Connect (online) instruction.  Most of our students attend in this model and there will be no disruption of this system for those that wish to remain online. Instruction at CNEC will continue to be ‘simultaneous’.  Which is to say, that students will receive the same instruction/instructional time at home as they do in the classroom.  Students are currently familiar with this “Room and Zoom” model.  Student’s teachers will not change (PE/Band are the exceptions) regardless of the model students attend.  The daily bell schedule will remain the same as it is currently.  This means Monday will remain all online and Tues-Fri will be block days. Students will still leave campus at 12:45 p.m.  While the requirements for in class spacing have changed...all of the other preventative COVID-19 safety measures remain in place.  This means students will wear masks at all times during the school day and do a temperature check when they arrive.  Additionally, COVID-19 contact tracing guidelines will remain at 6 feet.
What should I do if…
MY STUDENT IS CURRENTLY IN HYBRID AND I WISH TO HAVE THEM CONTINUE ON-CAMPUS FOUR DAYS A WEEK?'re all good!  All current Hybrid students will automatically be enrolled four days a week on-campus starting April 19th.  This change will be confirmed by email the week prior.  
MY STUDENT IS CURRENTLY IN HYBRID (in-person) AND I WANT TO SWITCH THEM TO CONNECT (online only)?   Please enter this request in the  RETURN TO SCHOOL SURVEY before 11:59 p.m. April 6.  This change would be effective on April 19, 2021.  This change may entail change in PE/Band teacher.
MY STUDENT IS CURRENTLY IN CONNECT AND I WISH THEM TO CONTINUE IN THIS MODEL.'re all good!  Your child will stay enrolled in this model automatically in their current classes.
MY STUDENT IS CURRENTLY IN CONNECT AND I WISH TO SWITCH THEM TO HYBRID (in-person...four days a week). Please enter this request in the RETURN TO SCHOOL SURVEY before 11:59 p.m. April 6. We anticipate being able to accommodate the vast majority of these requests with no changes in teachers (PE/Band being the exception).  We will communicate with families if capacity becomes an issue in any sections for a particular student.  Please note that this is a commitment to come four days a week to in-person rather than two days a week. This change would be effective on April 19, 2021. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to see our in-person students more often and welcome more students back to campus.  We appreciate our community's patience as we process how to move forward as guidance changes.  
Thank you,
The CNEC Team
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Return to School Updated Information