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AP Test Information
ALL AP students are automatically signed up to take their AP exam paper/pencil between May 3-May 17.  We have been given permission to test students in the large gym.  There will be temperature check stations to be admitted, and students will be required to wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart. 
Paper/pencil exams are the preferred method, but we understand if students are unable to attend in person.  If a student would rather take the exam digitally they will need to log into Total Registration and request the change under “Request Alternate Date for Exam”. 
Students do not need to decide how they are going to take the exam immediately, however, if students plan on taking an exam they need to be signed up on CollegeBoard and pay for the exam/s through Total Registration by March 1st
To request a digital exam: Link:  The request will be sent to Clovis North for approval. 
  • If students opt to take the exam digitally it will be an at home exam.  
    • Digital exams must be taken on a laptop or desktop.  
    • The computer must have a camera.  
    • Phones will not be permitted.  
    • Clovis North will work with technology and students to ensure they have the correct application on their computer.  
    • Reminder: If taken digitally, students will not be allowed to go back and check answers. 
The following exams are offered digitally during the second window – May 18- May 28:
Government and Politics
Human Geography
English Literature
US History
Computer Science A
World History
English Language
Environmental Science
Computer Science Principles
ALL exams excluding Spanish/French are offered digitally during the third window – June 1-June 11.
All foreign language is only offered paper/pencil during the first window – May 3-May 17. 
Art and Computer Science Principles will submit digital portfolios by May 20th.
If a student decides to cancel they need to cancel by March 5th
More information to come regarding the details of Exam Day. 
Thank you,
Katie Scalzo
Learning Director