ATTENDANCE OFFICE : Front Office Procedures

TO CLEAR ABSENCES - please call the ATTENDANCE HOTLINE at 327-5066

TARDY PASSES - Please call 327-5000 [Option 0]

OFF CAMPUS ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES - Off Campus Attendance Procedures

OFF CAMPUS PASSES - Please call in All requests for passes to 327-5012 at least the morning of or at least 3 hours prior to student pick-up.

HOMEWORK REQUESTS - For absences more than 3 days please call the counseling office.

Parent resource packet - Parent_Resource_Packet

Detention Schedule - Click here for the Detention Schedule

CNEC Lab Schedule - Click here for lab schedule

PARKING PERMIT - Click here for the parking permit

Independent Study Contact Info - Please contact Candice Puentes-Delgado at 327-5089

Independent Study must be for at least 5 days, and no more than 15 days with counselor’s approval. Parents must initiate Independent Study a week in advance.

For any overall questions or concerns about Independent Study, please contact Glenda Hedrick @ 327-5078, who will continue to oversee the Independent Study process.