ATTENDANCE OFFICE : Front Office Procedures

TO CLEAR ABSENCES - please call the ATTENDANCE HOTLINE at 327-5066 or EMAIL using Parent Connect/Attendance

Click here for a link to Parent Connect.  You will have to sign in to Parent Connect go to Attendance and then at the bottom of attendance section click on the email link to clear the absence.

TARDY PASSES - Please call 327-5012 

OFF CAMPUS ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES - Off Campus Attendance Procedures

OFF CAMPUS PASSES - Please call in All requests for passes to 327-5012 or 327-5011 at least the morning of or at least 3 hours prior to student pick-up.

HOMEWORK REQUESTS - For absences more than 3 days please call the counseling office.

Parent resource packet - Parent_Resource_Packet

Detention Schedule - Click here for the Detention Schedule

CNEC Lab Schedule - Click here for lab schedule

PARKING PERMIT - Click here for the parking permit

Independent Study Contact Info - Please contact Glenda Hedrick at 327-5078.

Independent Study must be for at least 5 days, and no more than 15 days with counselor’s approval. Parents must initiate Independent Study a week in advance.