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  • Incoming 7th: Powerpoint to be available in Spring 2018
  • Incoming 8th: Available in Spring 2018
  • Incoming 9th: Available in Spring 2018
  • Incoming 10th: Available in Spring 2018
  • Incoming 11th: Available in Spring 2018
  • Incoming 12th: Available in Spring 2018

Summer School 2018

  • Available in Spring 2018


  • Available in Spring 2018


  • Education Pathway:

Pathway of courses 9-12 for students interested in education or a profession that works with children/adolescents (coach, teacher, day care, administrator, etc.) 

Courses include:
Exploration of Child and Adolescent Literature: 10th grade
Contemporary Issues in Education: 11th grade
CTE Education Careers 12th grade

Pathway students have opportunities to participate in a summer writing workshops, leadership Boot Camp at Fresno State, and Paid Internships.  They can also join the Educators Rising Club.  See brochure for more information.

        Sign up for the pathway online at:

  • Patient Care Pathway:

The Clovis North Medical Pathway is a high school curriculum that provides a four-year health careers pathway (academic and health sciences elective courses) for students pursuing health related careers after graduation.  It is our hope that the pathway will increase the number of students pursuing health careers, provide a comprehensive secondary health science foundation for success in post-secondary programs, and positively impact the healthcare industry in meeting employment needs. 

Students in 9th and 10th grade can take Medical English and/or Medical Science (Biology and Chemistry).  Our junior and senior students can join our CTE Medical Careers or Athletic Training courses for more hand-on experiences and skill-development.


To join the pathway, please click on the link below and fill out the Pathway Application.