First Name   Last Name   Title   Phone 1   Email  
Jay Center Counselor 559-327-5046
Sean Ford Counselor 559-327-5084
Erin Gunn Counselor 559-327-5083
Linda Harris Counseling Center Secretary 559-327-5056
Soua Herr Counselor 559-327-5068
Bryana Moreno Counselor 559-327-5087
Kerince Nguyen Head Counselor 559-327-5069
Candice Puentes-Delgado Career Center/Ind Study 559-327-5089
Courtney Wilson Counselor 559-327-5061
Tina Wood Counselor 559-327-5037

Back row from left to right: Jay Center, Sean Ford, Bryana Moreno, Courtney Wilson, Erin Gunn, Linda Harris

Front row from left to right: Soua Herr, Tina Wood, Candice Puentes-Delgado, Kerince Nguyen