Visual Arts


The CNEC Art program, headed by Michael Reece, offers a variety of classes for students at all levels. For seventh grade beginners, the one-semester class provides a solid introductory background, and gives students the opportunity to learn such skills as drawing in linear perspective and to investigate basic color theory, as well as to create projects based on various schools of art. Travis Mills and Monica Morandi also teach the one-semester introductory class.  Following the semester class, a year-long advanced class provides eighth graders the chance to build on what they already have learned, and explore more complex art projects, including printmaking and sculpture, as well as more advanced color theory.

 The high school courses are composed of Art 1, Art 2, and Art 3, all year-long courses. Art 1, with no prerequisite, provides high school students both a background for the beginning artist and challenges for those who have taken art courses in the past. Drawing, painting, and design projects reflect both the elements of art and principles of design, and students learn about the works of notable artists as a springboard for their own work. Art 2 builds on the concepts learned in Art 1, with more challenging painting and drawing projects, and provides an opportunity for students to explore such media as acrylic paint, pen and ink, and scratchboard. Students may take Art 2 if they have received a “B” or better in Art 1 and/or permission of the instructor. Art 3 is designed for the serious artist to stretch himself/herself in the visual arts, with an emphasis on acrylic painting on canvas. Art 3 students must have received a “B” or better in Art 2 and/or permission of the instructor.


CNEC Ceramics

In Ceramics, Clovis North students get the opportunity to create 3-dimensional sculpture using clay, often finishing these sculptures with glazing and painting techniques.  Ceramics 1 gives students a foundation of clay building skills and techniques such as pinch method, slab building, coil method, as well as many other techniques.  Some of the projects students can look forward to making in Ceramics 1 are pinch pots, whistles, slab boxes, picture frames, coil pots, masks, animal sculptures plus many more.  In Ceramics 2 and 3, students take these foundation skills and create more complex projects while exploring more advanced themes.  The prerequisite for Ceramics 2 and 3 is a “B” or better in the previous Ceramics course and/or permission of the instructor. Travis Mills is the instructor for all Ceramics courses. 


CNEC Photography and Videography

As part of the visual arts department, the Photography 1 and Videography classes offered to Clovis North students expose students to the challenges of capturing art through light with the help of today’s modern technology.  For students who excel in Photography 1, Photography 2 is offered in order to explore this very challenging discipline even further. Students may take Photography 2 if they have received a “B” or better in Photography 1 and/or permission of the instructor.  Taught by instructor Travis Herb, students can expect a rigorous and exciting exploration into this unique medium.

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