Career Technical Education (CTE)

CTE Educational Careers

Students in the Education Pathway at CNEC, can take G.P.A. weighted classes and dual-enrollment classes where they will earn college units for FREE. Students will study the nature and scope of the school system, the duties and opportunities of working in a school system, study children's literature, study and explore contemporary issues in education and determine credentialing requirements. 

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Pathway classes: 

  CTE Medical Careers 

This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to learn transferable skills related to entry-level health occupations, explore career options, and become knowledgeable with post-secondary educational requirements as related to such career options.  The course introduces the student to health care, placing an emphasis on a set of core skills and knowledge applicable to many health care disciplines; desirable employee attributes and job seeking skills are also addressed.  Students will investigate career choices through classroom and worksite learning experiences, including, community classroom, job shadowing, tours, guest speakers, etc.  Career exploration activities (as related to specific job titles) are dependent on the availability of such opportunities with the district and community.  Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards (e.g., personal and interpersonal skills, problem solving, communication skills, etc.)

  CTE Principles of Athletic Training

Athletic Trainers work with athletes at all levels to help them both avoid and recover from athletic injuries. Students interested in a career in either therapeutic medicine or athletic training will benefit by taking this class. The course offers instruction and practice in the skills and techniques necessary for the prevention and care of athletic injuries and includes instruction in medical terminology, physical anatomy, and first aid/CPR. Students will learn to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate patients suffering from athletic injuries.  Second semester, students will benefit from hands-on training experience working alongside certified athletic trainers.


CTE Software and Systems Development

The Software and Systems Development (SSD) Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway is the only one of it’s kind in the Central Valley. Its focus is to challenge students to reach beyond being “consumers” of technology to become “producers” of technology, specifically programming. Starting in the 9th grade, students can take Exploring Computer Science which takes students on a journey through 6 different Computer Science principles including 3D modeling and using the pathway’s 3D printers. In 10th grade, students can take AP Computer Science Principles which delves deeper into concepts like App Development and Cyber Security. In 11th grade, students are challenged with AP Computer Science A which teaches Java programming and prepares students to code higher level concepts using advance algorithms. In addition to classes, two clubs on campus are part of the SSD pathway- SWENext (Society of Women Engineers) and Stable Circuits Robotics.



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