Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART)

CART is a rigorous half-day career pathways driven learning experience operated jointly by CUSD and FUSD in the city of Clovis.  Students earn college-prep (University of California A-G approved) credit in English 11AB (P) or English 12AB (P), Technology, an Elective, and either a Science or Social Science course while using cutting-edge technology relevant to their chosen area of academic focus.  Learning at CART is project-based and aligned to real-world challenges which students must strategically address.  CART is availible at no charge to interested juniors and seniors.  Free bus transportation is provided daily.  Alternatively, students may drive their own vehicles to CART.  CART career pathways include: Biomedicine, Forensics, Psychology, Biotechnology, Robotics, Game Design, Digital Multi-Media, Web Design, Computer Networking, Law & Order, Environmental Science, Marketing, and Economics & Finance. Students attend either morning (7:30-10:30am) or afternoon (12:30-3:30pm) sessions five days a week.  Applications and informatoin are available through the CN Counseling Center.  Learn more at